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remote starts


The convenience of a remote start will take the edge off of winter or the roasting heat out of a summer day. As a preferred dealer of Compustar® and Viper® we work with the industry leaders to provide our clients with the highest quality and numerous features to select from. We offer a range of models that differ in range and key fob display method so that we can provide a solution that fits our client's needs and budget.


Remote start, lock, unlock, or locate your car with only the push of a button on your smartphone. Viper SmartStart and Compustar's smartphone controlled offerings provides a new and exciting level of two-way interaction between you and your vehicle. This connection is managed through the provider's cloud services network that link your car to the respective app.

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radar detectors

We work with K-40® and Escort® to provide our clients with the best in portable and installed radar detection systems. The radar brands we work with have shown a long term commitment to maintaining the largest and most accurate databases in the industry as well as a technologically superior product.

backup cameras

Backup Cameras provide a great opportunity to increase vehicle safety. We install a variety of parking sensors and backup camera products to help increase your vehicle's safety when you're driving in reverse. Often called a rear view camera, a backup camera displays an unobstructed view of what’s behind your car or truck, helping you see clearly when you’re moving in reverse. Our packages include installation of a rear-view camera and video integration module.

blindspot detection

A blindspot sensor provides another important opportunity to increase driving safety. One can minimize the chances of a high speed highway accident with the installation of a blind spot sensor. In the event that one attempts to make a lane change when the target lane is not clear, a visual and audible alert will be produced to prevent a collision.

car audio & media


Whether you're interested in installing brand-new subwoofers or an entire head unit, our selection of car audio electronics is sure to have just what you need. Working with a range of products, including Alpine and Pioneer, we provide our clients with high quality products coupled with precise, custom installations. Get a richer audio experience in your car today - from tweeters to subwoofers no audio job is too big or small.


We provide a variety of comprehensive solutions for media integration that turn your vehicle into a true command center. We offer a range of head units, with or without a large-screen display. There are some exciting new head unit options that include built in support for Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto to provide our clients with a seamless experience between their smartphone and vehicle. We can convert your vehicle to full Bluetooth capability, providing our clients with the ultimate hands-free experience.

window tinting

Tinting provides passengers with glare reduction, U.V. protection, and protects your interior from fading due to sun exposure.

HID Lights

HID bulbs produce about three times more lumens than a halogen bulb while consuming 30% less power. Additionally, without the filament vibration and fatigue of halogen bulbs, HID bulbs have a much longer life span. Choose from 6000K, 8000K, and 10000K for different color casts.

light bars

Anything from a yellow light bar for a construction vehicle to a blue truck light bar for emergency vehicles, we have the light bar solution for you. We offer different sizes and mount types, and can install in a range of locations from on top of car to within the windshield itself.

underbody light kits

We offer a variety of underbody lighting solutions. Each kit is made with bright LED's that sits in water resistant housing. Options include a single color to multi-colored advanced systems. Lighting is controlled with a wireless remote control.

ghost logos

Often referred to as a Custom Puddle Logo, this product will shine a logo of your choice on the ground upon opening the vehicle's door. Taps into cars existing power for a low-impact installation. A popular option is to display the logo of the car brand as the "ghost logo."

home theater

Whether you’d like to mount a high-def TV for optimal viewing pleasure or incorporate a new speaker system for surround-sound depth and clarity, we have a home theater solution for you. As a Sonos distributor, we can convert your existing speaker system to Sonos as well as flush mount ceiling speakers.